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Become a clear and effective Angel Card Reader Online Workshop

Before you can read angel cards you will need to have a corrosion-free link to the angels, so I am ensuring to build in information and tools that will help you to be your best self. I will begin this program by teaching you how to clear away and heal any and all lower vibrations that may prevent you from receiving clear guidance and messages. If you are reading this, you are ready to step up, deepen your connection to the angels and remove the weight that has prevented you from allowing your pure spirit to emerge and fly.

This powerful class will help you to clear and open your energetic and spiritual self, in a loving, safe and nurturing way. This course will help you to release blocks, fears, and old painful emotions, before introducing you to becoming an effective angel card reader. You will learn how to let go of the past so that you can hear the voice of the angels and their divine guidance, allowing you to become a clear conduit and intuitive reader.

You will learn how to practice the art of discernment, which is a vital tool for any healer or reader.

You will learn how to offer an angel reading to yourself and others in a grounded and intuitive manner. It is my intention to offer you this training and information from a place of love, gratitude, peace and joy.

You will need a deck of angel cards that you are drawn to. It is important that you resonate with the energy of the deck or decks of cards that you wish to use during and after this training. The angels and I want this training to be fun and productive. Fun brings lightness of spirit; I always ensure to add some fun to my workshops and this one will not be an exception. Expect to learn lots about your magnificence as you receive the grace of the angels. At the end of this training I expect that will feel more confidence, clarity and joy as you embrace your radiance and service to others. You will have the tools and understanding of how to conduct a loving angel card reading.

I look forward to working with you and your angels to bring more warmth, light and angelic love to our beautiful planet.

Self-healing and clearing Guidance for becoming an effective, loving reader

Much Love, Light and Blessings- Therese


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