As women, we play many roles in our lives and can become depleted if we don’t take care of ourselves.
Our Women’s Empowerment Circle will take place online via Zoom, each Monday morning from 10.15am-11.30am, except for Bank Holidays.

With so many responsibilities and people to care for, we often forget to make ourselves a priority. That is why we’re reminded on airplanes to put our oxygen masks on first. Many of us have the tendency to take care of everyone else before ourselves. But then what? We have no energy left to take care of ourselves and we are no good to anyone.

So now, more than ever, it is essential that women can take care of themselves and receive support from others.

This is why I am offering us an opportunity to gather, share, heal, find our power and meet great friends.

I will facilitate this circle each week with an empowering topic. I look forward to seeing this grow in love, light and power.

Thank you- Therese