Ki (meaning energy, life force)

Spiritual energy is  both inside and outside of ourselves. Ultimately, we can rediscover that spiritual energy is universal and all-encompassing. Everything alive has Reiki. Everything has spiritual energy. Reiki is all around us. It is in everyone and everything. Reiki is our True Self.

Reiki can offer you so much when you are open to it. It can deepen your connection to yourself and your body’s  self healing capabilities, increase your vitality and support your nervous system.

Reiki gives your body a break from the stresses of daily life, potentially helping relieve tension and return you to a state of relaxation. Once in this state, your body may be better able to heal any damage brought on by stress, injury, or disease. “By helping a person experience deep relaxation, Reiki may enhance and accelerate our own natural healing process, as  the body  can  relax and focus on healing itself.

Reiki, in its simplest terms, supports your body to come into harmony and balance with itself. This balance can take different forms depending on your needs and what is happening in your life at that moment. If you are tired, you’ll feel re-energised. If you are anxious, you’ll feel peaceful. If you feel stressed, you’ll feel calmer. If you feel out of sorts, you’ll feel more like yourself. If you feel overwhelmed, you’ll discover a sense of peace within. If you feel ungrounded, you’ll feel centred.

It is a non-invasive therapy. During a Reiki healing session, the practitioner will place their hands lightly on or near specific areas of your body, focusing on energy flow and promoting relaxation. You remain fully clothed either lying down on a plinth or sitting on a chair,  if that is more comfortable for you.

Remote Session An Chroí (Face to Face)