February 25th!
Would you like to put a spring in your step?
Are you ready to elevate your life?

Say “YES” to you and join me for a workshop with a difference on February 25th, 2024!

I am offering a discount for couples that attend together. It is a beautiful journey for couples to embrace together!

You can expect:
An informative high vibrational day, filled with heart energy and support to help you on your evolutionary journey!

We will begin our day with a guided visualization, working with the pink ray, which directly affects the Heart Centre in the middle of your chest. This amazing ray of energy will nourish you, comfort and enfold you so that the Divine plan may unfold.

You will experience a session of Laughter Yoga to bring you into the vibration of Joy, which is a healing vibration. All emotions carry measurable vibration. Both Love and Joy vibrate at the same high frequency of 528HZ.

I will introduce Journaling, as a tool, to help illicit information that may be hidden from our conscious awareness.

I will offer some Change Strategies that you can introduce into your everyday life to help with your personal transformation and self- mastery.

You will also receive an energized rose quartz crystal to help you retain your higher vibrational state of being, offered through the pink ray.

This is a soulful day of deep self-care and healing. As a life coach and an energy healer, I am in a position to offer you a very balanced and powerful day of discovery, healing and empowerment.
You will be nurtured and supported for an entire day of self-care, self exploration and healing.

Come with an open mind and heart and reap the rewards of saying “YES” to you!
Follow on support also offered!

I plan to offer many of these uplifting workshops in 2024, to help us all stand into our warrior power.