Your session will last approximately 60 minutes

All things are possible for those who believe.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a way to realise your true potential, through a process of uncovering and then reducing or eliminating destructive behavioural and thinking patterns in your life, in a caring, supportive, non-judgemental and inspirational environment.

Coaching is a process, it is solution focused, and can assist clients in making lasting positive changes in all areas of their life. We are always in the process of our lives. Sometimes it looks elegant, graceful and flowing and sometimes it is quite the opposite. Sometimes it is beautiful and joyful and other times it is painful and really difficult to experience. There is an old saying: “That which we resist, persists”, and this is very true. Coaching helps the client to work through the challenges in a safe coaching environment.

Lighting the Way uses the Co-Active Coaching style. This style refers to the fundamental nature of the coaching relationship in which the client and coach are active collaborators. In co-active coaching, this relationship is an alliance between two equals for the purpose of meeting the client’s needs.

There are four cornerstones that form the foundation of co-active coaching:

  1. The client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole.
  2. The agenda comes from the client.
  3. The coach dances in the moment.
  4. Co-active coaching addresses the client’s whole life.


Before you book a session ask yourself:

Are you ready to work through self-limiting beliefs or inner blocks?

Are you ready to challenge yourself to live your best life?

Are you ready to be inspired to achieve your dreams?

Are you ready to be held accountable, so that you may achieve your desired result/goal?




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