Beautiful oils can help to relax and lift the vibration for people and places. Many years ago, I received a Diploma in Aromatherapy. I have since enjoyed using many blends of oils to help with many different circumstances for myself and others. Anyone that knows me, understand that I connect deeply with angels and co-create my work with them.

I call on the angels for help each time I make my angelic mist and cream, essentially, they infuse the oils with angelic love and light as I prepare them.  Sometimes I just experiment with different mixes and it was during one of my experiments that I was offered instructions from the angels for a blend, my signature blend: Angelic Mist, for the spray, and Angelic Blend, for the cream.

Every time I use this Angelic Mist and Angelic Blend Cream it helps me to raise my mood and subsequently my energetic vibration. Many people have reported back to me that this product helps them to relax their mind and body, connect easily with the angels and feel great. My clients and students fall in love with it as soon as they are introduced to it. It is my wish for you to enjoy this product and use it to connect with love, joy and bliss.

DISCLAIMER: Essential oils can be potent and may not agree with you if you are on certain medications, it is advised to seek medical advice if you are concerned. Thank you - Therese