Women's Workshop: Finding your Total Self (I AM Presence) July 16th 2023 Cost €100 Time 10am-3pm Hello beautiful souls, I am delighted to share this amazing workshop with you, at this time of great change and evolution on our majestic planet. Planet earth needs the nurturing loving care of the Divine Feminine energies to embrace it, hold it and saturate it with our light and the very essence of our beings. It is time for us to come together, shake off the shackles of the past and embrace our magnificence in a compassionate and deep way. Deep healing and connection happen when a group of powerful women come together, with a clear intention. It is my intention to offer a number of these love-filled workshops, with a different theme for each one. This one will focus on: 1. Compassionate Exploration of self. You will journal on some powerful coaching questions, with the intention of eliciting deep truths from within. 2. Discovering your light in times of Darkness. This will focus on understanding how to heal yourself in a loving manner without berating or judging yourself or others. We will work on accepting that all issues and imbalances are created to help you search for the light and awareness of your whole being. (Your I AM Presence). 3. Understanding your awakening call. A channelled guided visualization will guide you through a journey into the vastness of light, love, and deep peace, where you will have the opportunity to allow yourself to be, and go to the sacred space within you and ask for help from the light to allow you a conscious awareness of it. Facilitated with great Love, Joy, and Light by Therese Mc Auliffe