April 2, 2024

Surrender to the magic of who you really are! April is a month whereby many on earth will become more conscious and understand that we are going through much birthing pain presently. Radical shifts in consciousness are happening, during this month ahead. We must stay present, calm and inwardly focused to avoid confusion and overwhelm. Stay in your heart energy and make a commitment to honour and respect yourself, in all your endeavors. Be impeccable with your word: Remember that every word holds energy, just like every thought and deed does! Choose your words wisely. Do what makes you happy and remember that you are a Divine child. Help is available to you. Remember to ask as you navigate this turbulent time of rebirthing. Call on your angel of clairvoyance, your angel of Divine timing and step bravely into your new higher vibrational life, one step at a time. For the Children: Say to yourself: I am Special and my angels always understands me. You’ve got this! Much love and Joy always, Therese

Enjoy the attached YouTube video !