February 26, 2024

The soul speaks with great love and wisdom

In the quiet of the night I hear my soul whisper in my ear: Dear child it is imperative that you believe in all souls, even those that have strayed far from the light of the universe. Do not judge, condemn or ridicule another human being, but open yourself up to the understanding of the greater divine plan. Embrace the darkness and rejoice with the brightness that follows. Find what you really love to do and do it with great joy and expanded love. Choose to live a life that is congruent with your spirit and allow yourself to move forward with great leaps. When you have an abundance of spirit you will see that translate into having abundance in the material world also. Go out into the world and infect it with your connection to spirit, walk your walk and talk your talk so that others too may follow. People will feel your love, your joy, your expanded fun-loving heart and your reverence for life and they will be inspired by you. It is now time to uncover your innate greatness, wisdom, love and light. Allow yourself to let go of old energies by opening up to the truth and the light. This is a very important part of your human mission. When you let go of fears, limitations and all lower energies you automatically open up to remembering your greatness and your divinity. Let go of your judgements now and evolve with great ease. Within you is the capacity to embrace and hold the light for all of those that have lost their way. Embrace suffering, pain, darkness and duality and shine your light just as a lighthouse shines it light to aid the visibility for the ships on the ocean. Trust in yourself and trust in the wisdom that has created you and everything else around you. Open up to the angels, deities and guides and see the oneness of creation. You are capable of great things, push your boundaries, widen your expectations, and experience the greatness, the vastness and the unlimited unconditional love of the universe. Embody the truth and relax into the arms of love, joy and an abundance of inner peace. When fear knocks on your door open it with love and see the immediate transformation. Daily affirmations! My soul expands as I admire the beauty of the sunset. My soul sings as I gaze at the dazzling night sky. My soul rejoices as I attempt to understand my fellow human beings. My soul delights as I soften to the sounds of beautiful music. My soul opens as I show pure love to all the animals of this kingdom. My soul shines through my radiant smile, my diamond eyes, my loving heart, my compassionate nature, my kind deeds and love of life. My soul understands that one has to grow from inside out and that it’s the only real teacher. My soul asks that I rummage through it and find my dormant forces. Amen!

I hope you enjoy this post, that I wrote some time ago, but is still how I understand life.