November 23, 2023

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well during these unusual times of change. The winter months are often very dark and can affect the mood so it is important to have a tool kit to help. The following list is a practical list that may help you enjoy the winter months.

Get outdoors as much as possible and embrace nature.

Let the light into your home by opening up all of your blinds.

Listen to music that makes you happy.

Take up a hobby.

Stay connected to friends.

Practice self compassion.

Use your journal.

Seek out things and people that make you happy.

Stay hydrated.

Eat a healthy diet.

Take adequate sleep.

Get plenty of exercise.

Attend uplifting events.

Take care of you!

If you would enjoy a healing or coaching session, either remotely or in person please connect with me to arrange it. I wish you many blessings- Therese

An Hour of Bliss