October 11, 2023

Good morning,

It is my intention today to touch a deeper part of you with this short post. I am just after returning from a 3-day conference and an additional Masterclass Day on Consciousness and Human Evolution. I feel fired up and intend to help you raise your vibration also.

During one of the presentations, it was suggested that a practical way to help raise your consciousness is to begin by asking yourself the following question:

What 15 things can I do to help me raise my vibration?

Then choose 3 or 4 from items, from your list, to begin with, starting with the easier ones. Once you have established these healthy habits, then expand your actions by choosing the next 3 or 4 things, from your list, to bring into your daily life.  

I have created my initial list of 15 things that will help me elevate my consciousness and I have chosen those that I am starting off with.

Keep me posted on your progress please!

Much love and blessings,