September 25, 2023

From 8.30- 9.30pm, Irish time, tonight I offer my weekly session on zoom, which is open to everybody, wherever you live. I am preparing a beautiful guided visualization for tonight’s session. Tonight you will be guided along a beautiful, light-filled pathway , leading to a sanctuary , in which you will be wrapped in a blanket of pure love and healing light. You will be given the opportunity of meeting your guardian angel, ask any question and receive answers in a way that you understand.
You will bask in the loving energies and receive great comfort and healing in the safety of your own home! You may book using the link on my website , under Book a Session, or DM me if you wish to use Revolut. Blessings- Therese
Cost €15.

Taking time to take care of yourself.

Self-care is a sustainable and holistic investment in our minds and bodies. It includes taking good care of our physical health, most notably by eating healthily, exercising, and sleeping well. But it also entails looking after our minds, emotions and soul, which can take the form of setting time aside for activities that nourish our spirits and learning to understand how we can best replenish our energies.