July 14, 2023

You and I in our essence are love: The purpose behind everything I do is to raise human consciousness to a state of love .It is with pure joy and love that I write these words that you are now reading. There is a seed of Divinity within every human being that’s craving to be honored and nurtured in a compassionate and caring manner .This is our internal flame of love, our innate wisdom and power. This is really where our true strength and self- esteem resides. We are all capable of turning our attention inwards to that love essence and using it in our outward everyday human experiences. The ego, lower self, will diminish as the divine grows within you. There are times when we live in the shadow of love and feel great fears and lower vibrational emotions. This often leaves us with cellular level energetic blockages that may distort our love for life and indeed our whole map of the world as we know it. Meaning and purpose can become immersed in a dense fog, while we drift aimlessly through life. We always have choice available to us and it is only through a change in our human consciousness that we can explore and expand our state of consciousness from fear to love. Create your own religion and call it love, allow it to be all inclusive, beautiful, loving and peaceful. Let go of and rid yourself of all judgements, criticism and blame and allow yourself to be that burning light that lights up the whole world. Allow your higher self to see the unfolding of the divine in everyone and everything. Be in the silence of meditation and get to know God. Be that person that reaches out to others in the name of love. It is the intensity of our own light that will open the doors to our personal and planetary alignment. Manage the spirit that’s housed in your physical body, by filling it with joy, love and inner peace. Offer up that love and kindness to all of humanity in a way of service. It may feel uncomfortable at first but once conscious awareness and momentum get moving, we become deliberate creators of a life that understands, desires and demands love as the goal. Love knows no divides, agendas or conditions; it is simple, pure and readily available to all of us at all times. It is important to remember that Love and Justice have the power over all lower energetic vibrations by choosing to live in an authentic fashion and disciplining ourselves to look for the love in everything and everybody we are on the path to living a life filled with joy, love and happiness. Become consciously aware of your vibrational reality in every given moment. Harness all the great empowering moments and release all the lower disempowering moments. Make time for yourself and connect with the limitless love and truth within you. Open up your heart and promise to let it remain open. Appreciate your greatness and dissolve all limitations. Look after all aspects of your health, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Nurture the whole body, please remember the soul food. Care about everything and everyone. Show love and respect for the ocean, the earth, the birds, the bees, the animals, your neighbours, children, loved ones and of course you!

We are here for each other- don’t miss the moment.

Therese Mc Auliffe