July 25, 2023

I am delighted to share this amazing workshop with you, at this time of great change and evolution on our majestic planet.
Deep healing and connection happen when a group of powerful, like-minded people come together, with a clear intention.
It is my intention to offer a number of these love-filled workshops, with a different theme for each one.
This one will focus on:
Tools of Awareness-
We are moving through a huge shift in consciousness, and many are feeling the ground shaking beneath them. I will use a combination of coaching and channeling to help you focus on what you need to shift permanently, how to look after your whole self as you open to permanent transformation. Each step will help you to connect with more of your presence.

1. Taking time to take care of yourself. This is a very big subject, in which we will learn the importance of patience while building up a self-care practice. You will take home a list of practical, reliable, easy to use strategies. These will enable you to practice self-awareness and self-care, to check in regularly with yourself using some foundational pillars of personal wellness.
2. We will also look at what your soul has come here to learn. This is an area that is very dear to my heart, and you will be given an ideal opportunity to explore and gain deep inner wisdom, which you can then integrate into your daily life.

3. Learn how to become aware of the light within: I will use a specific process that you will take home with you to practice and use for your evolution.

4. Learning the healing properties of different colours of light and how to use them for healing the self and the planet. This is an amazing meditation practice, which I will discuss with you, before facilitating a deep healing session.


The art of allowing your full presence:
11am-3pm at An Chroí, Mornington Co Meath