June 6, 2023

I have just attended a Masterclass and a weekend of DNA upgrades, clearing, healing and so much more with Judi Satori. It is important for me to share, what I know to be true with you. I am still assimilating the energies, but over time I will share more of my understandings and tips with you. Her is a post to get you started!

We are in a time of great change, with everything vibrating, faster and faster. This may be disconcerting, stressful, and confusing at times.

Traumatic experiences, from the beginning of time, (Karmic), in our human experiences are now up for release. One of our greatest challenges, currently, is to maintain our high frequency, while so much chaos exists all around us. There are big, unavoidable, ruffles in the water of our energy fields for us to manage.

It is important that we do not blame ourselves when we feel out of kilter. There are some easy-to-use tools that will get us back into alignment with the truth of who we are. Here are a few techniques that you may wish to try out for yourself:

  • Place your hands over your heart, connect with your heart centre and listen to the voice of your heart.
  • Think and feel a frequency of love.
  • Say to yourself, I AM LOVE.
  • Feel into the words “I Am Love” and align the words and frequency as one.
  • Know that we are eternal consciousness, housed in a physical vessel. We are not just the physical body, that we think we are.
  • Firstly, be gentle, kind and loving with yourself and then with others.

 Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into your soul truth.

  • Remember that you are the avatar, the magician! and magic is available to us all.
  • We are becoming a better conduit, with our cells primed and upgraded to produce more energies: drinking lots of water with fresh lemons, and or chlorophyl will help this process.
  • Protect yourself from Wi-fi and other forms of EMF.
  • Create a healthy balanced lifestyle, looking after your whole self: Diet, Movement, Rest, Water, Thoughts etc etc
  • Harmonize your own inner relationship. Remember that harmony feeds the soul.
  • Speak authentically.
  • Surround yourself with love, beauty, nature, and all things that give you peace.
  • Practice stillness, it brings us into presence with ourselves and God.
  • Allow the river of life to flow and take us where we are meant to go.