May 26, 2023

Good morning all- light shows up in so many ways!

I opened my curtains and the light poured in. It captured my thoughts, my feelings and my presence, with it’s powerful brilliance, so much so that I grabbed my journal and pen and wrote a few lines.

How are you witnessing light today? I am witnessing light. It is all around me and plain to be seen. It shines brightly from the sky above me. It grows my food, nourishes the earth and all that lives on it. It brightens my path, shows me the way. I am light within, you are light within, we are all light within. I am in awe of this creative force, I feel blessed and privileged.

Today I focus on being a witness to the light: to this great force of illumination, that we know as light. 🤩 Blessings and Joy, Therese