March 10, 2023

A Healing with Archangel Raphael and a host of angels for your Body, Mind and Emotions.

Angels of Healing, Wisdom and Hope I implore your help and intercede on my behalf right now, so that I may return to a pure state of health and wellbeing once again.

Allow yourself to take three or more deep belly breaths as you relax in a quiet space. Feel the energy enter your physical body as you inhale and connect with it as you exhale the breath from your physical body.

The Angels are here right now, helping you to release and let go of all illness, exhaustion, fear and disconnection. Breathe in their loving healing light and allow your body to become infused with the love, the healing vibrations and the deep feeling of peace.

Archangel Raphael and his team are surrounding you now. Relax and feel the compassionate angelic rays of light bathe your every cell. Breathe this light into your fragile human body and feel yourself gradually reconnecting with perfect health, truth, wisdom and love. The angels are now asking you to remember that you are a magnificient powerful, spiritual being of pure love and light, capable of great things.   Breathe this understanding down into your heart and allow it to settle in there. Feel the healing light seeping through your blood, veins, arteries and all of your physical body. Allow yourself to feel this healing light moving into your every cell now, the cells in your brain, your organs, your whole self, and know that a full recalibration is taking place.

Place your hand on your heart and connect with it for a few more deep breaths. Feel the powerful energy of your heart as you relax in this healing vibration for a while longer. Softly scan your body now and send the energy from your heart to any part that may still require some healing.

The angels are waiting for you to connect again when you are ready for another layer of healing love. They are delighted to help you regain health and vitality.

Many Blessings, Therese and the Angels.