January 8, 2023

Relight Your Fire: The Journey to your inner power. 

Are you feeling stressed, tired, lethargic indolent or fearful?

Would you like to elevate and enhance your power, self-love, trust and intuitive knowing?

Would you like to fan the flames of your internal fire to help you navigate these transformational times with a focus on the solution?

I will guide you inward during each session to help create a stillness and space so that you may connect with your inner ember, and fan its flames until you feel your power, your strength, your love and direction. You will have the opportunity to release your past hurts and heal the wounds of your past and present.

As a Life Coach and Energy Therapist, I see many people battling with drive and motivation right now. This is what has propelled me to offer an antidote for the smouldering fires within, lack of motivation and fear

Sometimes as we navigate the difficulties of life, we become exhausted and unmotivated. Perhaps you are already connected to your intuition and aware of the need to pull your focus within and decide how you wish to view the world around you but you could do with some help and support. This will be wonderful for self-regulation and inner peace!