December 25, 2022

Try Headspace as an introduction to meditation.

Do Breathing Exercises- Remember 4-4-4 ( in for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4)

Give yourself the gift of self-care

Watch Movies

Engage in activities you enjoy

Get plenty of sleep

Exercise regularly

Avoid over-consumption of food, alcohol and cigarettes etc

Eat, Drink and be wary!!!!!

Have a treatment

Explore aromatherapy and its benefits

Read some inspirational material

Take yourself lightly

Spend time with those you love

Avoid perfectionism

Switch off from work – recharge those batteries!!!!

Turn off all social media notifications

Get into nature and enjoy the magic it offers

Listen to high vibrational music

Soak in the bathtub- if you have one!

Do something creative – choose whatever makes you happiest! Take me time- this is essential!