December 15, 2022

We are energy beings residing in a physical body, having human experiences. As a healer I know the importance of keeping the energy body clear, enabling energy to flow freely. When energy is blocked or stagnated we feel unwell. Sometimes we notice this emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually or indeed a combination of all.
Energetic cords are easily formed between people, events, places and things. Your energy is sacred so please treat it so. As we go through life we often give away our energy, mostly unconsciously. This can easily happen when we feel overwhelmed or overpowered. Can you think of a traumatic event from your life , a relationship, or memory that you can now call back your power from?
If you check in to your body, into your main energy centres, to see which chakra needs an energetic cleanse, you will get information ! With this information you have the ability to
call back all lost soul fragments, power and light that you gave away, either willingly or unwillingly.

Give yourself permission to release all vows, contracts or programs from your past that are no longer serving you well.
Cut away the unhealthy cords and attachments from this life and others, release all now for the highest good of all.

Do this often to protect your innate power, wisdom, love and health.