November 26, 2022

It is necessary for each one of us to take the reigns on our own lives and embrace our inner strength, peace and Joy. January, being the beginning of another new year is always a great time to get started on self-empowerment, love and expansion. We are magnificient beings, capable of so much more than we realise . It gives me so much pleasure to see my clients and students blossom into their fullest glory. I work diligently as a healer and trainer to help many people raise their level of consciousness, so that they may increase their levels of joy. love, peace and an abundance of zest for life.

I offer one to one sessions, for healings, readings and coaching. both in person, and online every Tuesday and Thursday.

Here is a summary of what workshops I am offering in the first quarter of 2023, with the necessary links. I would be delighted to share a part of your journey with you.

Integrated Energy Therapy Steps to Transformation begins on January 11th and runs for 7 consecutive evenings online. 8.30-10pm

IET Healing Angels runs for 9 consecutive mornings online, 10am-11am commencing January 18th

Heart based goal setting January 15th at An Chroí

Introduction to Angels (online) January 22nd

Level 1 Integrated Energy Therapy (Basic IET) January 29th at An Chroí

Level 2 Integrated Energy Therapy (Intermediate IET) February 19th at An Chroí

Level 3 Integrated Energy Therapy (Advanced IET) March 26th at An Chroí

Level 4 Integrated Energy Therapy
(Master Instructor IET) February 25th&26th at An Chroí

Learn How to read Angel Cards February 5th at An Chroí