August 16, 2022

Prayer to our Divine Mother:

Blessed Mother Mary, generous and kind to all of those that seek your assistance, please walk with me through, (describe your situation here), and help me feel my sovereign state once again.

Dearest Mother Mary, wrap me in your arms of Divine Love, Compassion and Mercy. You know and understand my pain, my struggles, challenges and loneliness as I strive to resolve this situation, (describe your situation here).

Mother of all, holder of Divine Love, I entrust unto you my difficulties and struggles. Help me understand my magnificient love and mighty strength. Shine your light of compassion and radiance on me, so that I may connect with my inner Divine light and be healed.

Thank you, Blessed Mother of all, for your mercy, love and healing light, as I lay my challenges before you, (describe your situation here).

Extend your loving hands to me now, hold me in your loving embrace, comfort me in my time of need, and show me the way to walk forward in my wholeness, as a Divine being.

Thank you for hearing me and answering the deep call of my heart. Thank you for your great healing love, compassion and mercy. I open my heart to receive your love and to share that love with my family, friends and all of God’s children on earth.

Help me to remain present so that I may know your love, and daily gifts.

Thank you Blessed mother Mary, Divine Mother of all.

Written by Therese Mc Auliffe.

Thank you.