August 26, 2022

Even though I am closed from 5th/ 26th September you may still book your workshop or individual session on my website. It has been an enormously busy year for me on a personal basis: We moved into a new build in November so lots and lots of work to do to make it homely, both inside and out. I had my 60th in April, got married in May, John retired at 65 in June and the list goes on!!!!

I am now taking a break, so that I can offer the best of me on my return. Please note that I have all levels of IET training on offer in October. Basic October 14th, Intermediate 15th, Advanced 16th and Master Instructor 22/23rd.

I am also continuing with my own Qi Gong training as I plan to be in a position to offer classes in the new year! Wahoooooo

Steven Thayer, founder of IET and I after my training in New York