May 31, 2022

June is a wonderful month to prepare for your next step on the journey of your soul. The energies of June help you to take time to contemplate, reflect and then take rightful action. You are reminded that you are supported always; connect with your heart, angels, guides and loved ones for guidance. Mother Nature is waiting on you to work with her in a way that is right for you. The angels are waiting for you to ask for their help. Archangel Michael is here to remind you to keep your eyes on your targeted intention. Focus upon Divine and Perfect health and remember the Eternal Love that always surrounds you. Please ask him to help you fulfil your aspirations and desires. Be ready to take the action and reap the rewards. Angel Gabriel is listening to you, he is here to help with your motivation to ensure that you follow through so remember to call on him for assistance. The angels ask us to remind our children that they can call in the angels for help at any time: this month’s message is that Archangel Michael offers protection to those that are afraid – say to yourself: Archangel Michael is looking after me. Thank you ~ Namaste 🙏Therese Full personalized readings available.