February 13, 2022

An uplifting Children’s story by Therese

My name is Sam and I am eight years old. I would really love to share a very special story with you about Percy and his owner, Mrs Shine. Percy is the most beautiful black cat with eyes that twinkle like the stars on a clear night. When Percy is around everyone feels very happy and loving. He has a purr that makes your heart sing and he has a very unique way of making everybody feel very special. Percy’s owner, Mrs Shine, is also a very beautiful and endearing lady. She is the sweetest and kindest lady that I have ever met. She is always happy.

One day I asked her to tell me how she manages to look after her family, go to work and still find the time to chat to everyone about all the great things that life has to offer us. Mrs Shine smiled so warmly at me that I felt myself almost melt into her big bright and beautiful eyes. Well now, dear child, she replied, sit down here and I will bring you some warm hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy while I tell you a very special story. I sat down on her soft velvet sofa and I could feel myself sinking into it as she arrived back with my treats. She handed me a beautiful cup with a gold rim that had marshmallows melting out over the top of it and a plateful of warm home-made cookies. As I tucked into my special treat, with the marshmallows slipping smoothly down my throat, Mrs Shine began to speak softly. Her words sounded like sweet music and my whole body began to feel warm and happy. She said, “You have met my black cat Percy many times sweet child and I feel that it is the correct time to explain to you how special he is.” I was wondering how this was going to answer my question but her sweet voice allowed me to listen carefully without interrupting her.

“It was on Halloween night when Percy was only two years old that it all began. I noticed that Percy seemed very uneasy as my children played the Halloween games. He was scratching and scratching at the door to get out of the house. I opened the door to allow him out and my eyes could hardly believe what they were seeing! There, right before me was the most unusual thing that I had ever seen. I was a little frightened and quickly closed the door. I hurried to my bedroom to peek through the opening in the curtains and I could clearly see that a miniature space ship was parked right there in front of my eyes, in my back garden. I watched the roof open and the sky light up with an array of lights as Percy walked towards it. There was a beautiful white cat sitting inside and there were also many flashing lights.

Percy jumped into it and sat beside the white cat, whose name was Snow White. The whole garden lit up with a whole range of coloured lights, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, indigo, violet and brilliant white. My mind tried to convince me that it was fireworks but my heart knew the truth. This was not fireworks; it was really the lights from the spaceship. Percy looked towards the window where I was peeking through and I am sure that he could see me as he offered a friendly me-ow. With a swish of his tail he buckled himself in and the roof of the ship closed down before it went up and up until it disappeared out of sight. My heart was upset but yet very excited at the same time. Even though Percy was gone off in the space ship I knew that everything was happening for a reason and it felt very good. I kept very quiet about what I had seen, while I re-joined the family for Halloween fun, as I knew nobody would believe me. I felt unusually tired that night and I couldn’t help wonder where Percy was and what he was doing. I lay in bed before sleep and I started thanking God for our family, our health, our life and all of the usual gratitude list. Just as I was falling off to sleep I made a big yawn and heard myself say, and thank you for bringing Percy back safely to us. I fell asleep and in my sleep I began to dream. I could see Percy and Snow White in their ship heading straight for the moon. Everything looked so bright and so cheerful.

My dream continued and then I saw them landing on the moon. I was really curious at this point and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. The moonbeams were radiantly beautiful and amidst the array of beautiful colours I saw the lid of the ship lift up and out stepped Percy and Snow White. I could understand the cat language and listened to them speak about bringing moonbeams home to brighten up planet earth so that the humans could experience love, peace and happiness. I was really amused now and wondered how they planned to do that. My eyes could barely believe what happened next. They began to slowly breathe in the moonbeams. They were swallowing moonbeams and they were expanding in size. Their little bodies grew bigger and bigger until eventually they began to roll around like footballs. They bounced and bounced all over the moon and finally bounced their way back to the ship and into their seats. The dream continued and then I saw them place a robot outside of the ship to collect moon dust. The roof closed when all of this was complete and they began their journey back down to earth. They landed in my back garden once again and poor Percy fell out and bounced around for a while before blowing out all of the light. It filled up our home and all the homes for as far as I could see. Snow White also rolled out and off she went, bouncing all the way to the other side of town before she also blew out all of the light into the homes of many. They then began to sprinkle magic moon dust on all the roads to keep the humans safe on their travels. When they finished the roads they sprinkled schools, hospitals, and all buildings with the magic dust. I heard them say that this dust lights up the dark and that it helps people to feel safe, happy and loved. Percy also sprinkled the magic dust on the window sills of every house on the street and this lit up all the homes and filled them with happy thoughts and feelings.”

My heart was dancing and my mind filled with happy thoughts as Mrs Shine placed a soft warm hand on my head. “It’s getting late and your mom may be looking for you”, she whispered. I thanked her and said; “now I understand and I also know why they call you Mrs Shine.” I hurried home to tell my family the magical story of LIGHT!