December 30, 2021

It’s my privilege to sit here and wish you all a wonderful 2022. It is time to embrace our spiritual essence and live a life of joy, health and happiness. I know that 2021 has been a really tough year in many ways for many people and it’s now time to wave it Bye Bye. It is with excitement that we welcome in 2022 with it’s the new energies and opportunities for spiritual growth.

Many years ago, during meditation I was told that I am a holder for the light and I have taken that message into my heart, integrated it and live my life accordingly. It is with great pleasure that I humbly offer healing , readings and training to help you spiritually develop yourself and your life.

I am available for individual healing sessions, angel card readings and coaching sessions every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday commencing on January 6th 2022.

This is just the opening list of workshops for 2022. I would love for you to take the time and look through these on my website and choose to join whatever feels right for you. I am very passionate about helping people to heal from old wounds and ways of being so that they may live a happy and fulfilling life.

Workshops for January/Feb

January 9th – in person- Heart-Based Goal Setting Online January 16th

Introduction To Angels January 17th Online – 10am 12noon

Learn How to Read Angel Cards- January 24th online

Basic IET -In Person- January 28th- In Person

Intermediate IET – In Person- January 29th-In Person

Advanced IET- In Person- January 30th- In person

Master Instructor IET- In Person-February 26&27th- In Person

Healing Angels- – February 6th-In Person

Higher Steps- X 7 weeks commencing – January 19th-Online

Workshops and Individual sessions at An Chroí Donacarney Co Meath