December 13, 2021

It is with great pleasure that I am soon going to be opening the doors of my new healing space at An Chroí Glen Boann Donacarney Co Meath.

For many years I have envisioned living by the sea and having my own healing space, so that I could harness the energies and work with the energy of the sea to cleanse my aura and heighten my own vibrational frequency. By doing this it allows me to connect with angels, guides and loved ones even more easily and receive messages with greater clarity.

My dream is coming to fruition- wahooooo . From January 6th I am planning to open the doors of a brand new purpose built log cabin to clients. Energy is everything to me and you will soon reap the rewards of my dedicated healing mission. This space will be conducive to potent healing and transformation.

My first Workshop is on January 9th – Heart-Based Goal setting -mPlaces will be limited so please book early

Workshops for January/Feb

January 9th – in person- Heart-Based Goal Setting Online January 16th

Introduction To Angels January 17th In Person !0am 12noon

Learn How to Read Angel Cards- January 24th online

Basic IET -In Person- January 28th

Intermediate IET – In Person- January 29th

Advanced IET- In Person- January 30th

Master Instructor IET- In Person-February 26&27th

Healing Angels- In Person- February 6th

Higher Steps- Online X 7 weeks commencing – January 19th

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This week beginning December 13th your angels are asking you to surrender to your soul’s path and embrace an exciting new or chapter that is about to unfold in your life. Archangel Michael reminds you that prayer will help your situation. Miracles are available to you. Encourage the children to connect with their own angels. Let them know that their angels want them to be kind to themselves and others. That means that they love who they are and are proud of themselves. Have a blessed and beautiful week. Thank you ♥️Therese I am available for Angel Card Readings, IET healing, Metatronic healing, life coaching and many interesting workshops. Please check out my website for more information.