September 13, 2021

Step into your sweetness!

I came across this note that I wrote in 2014 but I feel it’s time to share it now.

As I awoke in a simple, yet pretty Italian hotel room I was greeted by the sweetest smell of roses that you could possibly imagine. I understood that I was in the energy of a beautiful angelic presence. I asked the energy to make itself known to me so that I may embody the loving energy and use it for the highest good of myself and everybody I come in contact with.
It was Angel Celesticia and her message was so loving and so very sweet. I had never heard of that Angel before but I felt her love and knew she was just pure light. She spoke to me, as I lay on my bed in a totally present state, in a soft tone. I felt the soft warm loving sweet energy in every cell of my body. I was one with the energy as she conveyed a magnificent message to light-workers through me. I wrote with great speed as I assimilated her message.

Step into your Sweetness

Channelled message by Therese Mc Auliffe:
“Dear loving child of God, I bring to you the sweet smell of powerful blooming roses so that you may open to the sweetness of the universe in its blissful entirety. I am with you as you are with me, offering your sweet love to the world.
Your heart and your mind understand sweetness and it is for this reason that I come to help you experience much more.
Sweetness and bliss are the loving energies I bring to you now, in your accepting state. I will help you to assimilate, embody and expand, expand, expand. Your presence is light and it is now time for you to turn up your flame, light the paths and experience the sweet blissful energies that I am sharing with you.
Dear child of God, you are ready and I rejoice, I sing, I love and I play. I now caress your inner child with many rose petals. Stay soft, stay strong, but most importantly of all right now is for you to remain sweet.
Your world is confused; man killing man, greed, hatred, selfishness, pride and a river of lower dark energies washing over your beautiful earth like a dense black blanket of low vibration. Man is in the illusion of separation and man will respond to the light vibration with continued gentle exposure. Bring your light to man, shine it brightly; touch all of those that meet you with your light. Serve humanity well in your own gentle and sweet way.
The world needs you and all your fellow light-workers right now to step up and into the sweetness of the high vibrational universal energies. It is our deepest wish for mankind to understand love, joy, peace and sweetness.
Go now to your inner light, turn up the switch and in your sweetness encourage all other light-workers to do the same. This is for the good of the entire human race.
The energy that you now know as Celesticia is with you to help you in a way that you are embodying at this present time. You do understand this energy and I will work through you to restore sweetness on the earth plane.
Grow light, grow love, grow peace and grow sweetness. Spread light, spread love, spread peace and spread sweetness. I am working with you and all light-workers right now so that all man can understand the need to consciously expand and live as one in perfect harmony and sweetness.
Stay on the path of the light-worker dear child, just stay on the path.
Love in the form of sweetness- Celesticia.