April 1, 2021

Hello all, firstly I wish to let you know that I moved house in March. We are presently renting and my internet connection isnt strong enough to upload videos longer than a minute or two so I will not be offering my general montly angel card readings until I move into our new home in the summer.

I am available for personal angel card readings, healings and coaching , as zoom and whatsapp are working perfeftly well.

I wrote this blog some time ago but I feel it is very appropriate presently. Humanity is at a turning point, the vibrational frequency is becoming lighter and brighter. We are experiencing much turmoil as everything is being unveiled. Please stay connected to your heart and feel your love expand as you too reach your turning point!

What’s a turning point?
Perhaps a wider part of a road or highway? A point of fatigue where one turns back to the safe and familiar? A point of reaching ones threshold? The point where the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down and moults into a shiny chrysalis before transforming itself into a beautiful butterfly?
I believe it’s all of these and much more!
I would like to focus on the analogy of the caterpillar becoming a bright and vibrant butterfly.
Let’s just think of the transformation of stubby, crawling caterpillar into an airborne fairylike beautiful butterfly. This surely is the perfect metaphor for change, improvement even life after death.
From the darkest recesses of despair I saw a tiny crack allowing in a ray of light. I lay suspended in an upside down position where my thinking mind eventually became flooded with the energy and light of my soul.
It was as though all my thoughts were being drained through an unseen funnel that went from my exploding head to the core of our compassionate Mother Earth.
Anger, fear, resentment, hatred, guilt, shame, sadness, more fear, more guilt, more sadness all began to trickle slowly from my heavy head as I hung there just like the chrysalis of the caterpillar waiting for something, but the something wasn’t yet even a feeling, thought or knowing. I was completely swamped with darkness and couldn’t find my way to the place of beauty and transformation.
Dark, weary, heavy and stagnated thoughts and emotions kept me suspended and paralysed in this agonising position and place. Nevertheless that little ray of light and hope still continuing to penetrate through the crack overhead.
My shrivelled heart, my lifeless body and my exploding head wanted so desperately to reach for and harness that light but it didn’t know how.
A gentle voice whispered through the veil of light, it was a soft and loving voice: It was pure and determined that I listen to what it had to say to me: surrender, please surrender and allow me in. I will fuel your heart, your body, your mind and your spirit with all that you need for a beautiful authentic life. You just need to ask, believe and allow yourself to receive some magical healing and lasting transformation.
Time disappeared and with that passing my thoughts also faded into the abyss.
Who am I?
What is happening?
What should I do?
Even these thoughts and the energy vibration of same disappeared. My mind eventually surrendered, everything became still and I waited, yes I just waited!
Everything became a state of pure being, and from this suspended space I began to observe. It was a new concept and it was the most enlightening experience that I could ever hope to experience.
The ray of light that once looked like the passing of a lamp had become steadfast and strong. It was as though the darkness and despair had been burnt away by the love of the vibrant warm sunlight.
My EGO in its shrivelled state collapsed, fell away and from underneath that outer skin shone the most beautiful soul imaginable. The pain, the struggle, the darkness all faded into nothingness.
Now I know who this person is that looks out from behind those eyes. I am the light of the world. You are the light of the world. We are the light of the world.
Individually and collectively we can move from being a caterpillar to becoming a beautiful vibrant being of light, just like our friend, the butterfly.
Life as a butterfly is at all times very bright, sweet and beautiful.

Blessings- Therese