April 13, 2021

A Message from Angel Ariel. My dearest human friends, I encourage you to recognise the beauty in the gentle breeze as it touches your skin. I ask you to look for the beauty in the rolling waves of the ocean, the distant mountains, in the sweet smell of the flowers, the falling leaves, the grass, the rocks, the animals, the birds, the bees and all of nature in its pure state. I remind you of the healing properties offered to you in the natural rhythms of nature and the whole of the earth. Look after your beautiful planet, it’s trees, plants, animals and its many hidden treasures. The magic is all around you. Stop, breathe, appreciate and respect yourself and all other life forms. Your planet supports you in more ways than you can remember or imagine. Please pause and connect. I am here to help you overcome obstacles in your life and in your mind. I am here to remind you that you are God’s radiant creation, a spark of Divinity in human form. You have a great purpose and a chosen role. Connect with me to clear your mind of illusion and separation. I can assist you in knowing and reclaiming your innate power, beauty, greatness and purpose. You are a bright beacon of light, even if you do not know it yet. The heavy cloak of beliefs, conditioned thoughts and habits can be transmuted and replaced with an awareness of who you really are.I am here to help you experience the magic in all of your earthly experiences as you unite with all as one. You are not here by chance, you are a being of enormous love, power, grace and gratitude. You are a radiant spark of Divinity, a piece of God’s love. Just for a moment imagine that you do not have a problem or challenge in your life, just opportunities to tap into your inner well of wisdom, joy and understanding. Allow the feelings of relief and wholeness to arrive and know that this is the actual truth. Practice this as often as you can. It will lead you to a life of love, peace and wholeness, no matter what is happening in your earthly world. In your human form I know that this may feel too simple and too good to be true, but I am here to assure you that this is your true state of being and your starting point for reversing your conditioned thoughts, beliefs and ways of being. I am by your side, waiting for you to call on me to assist you find your purpose and mission in life. It is my greatest joy to see you clear the fog of illusion, rise up, claim your greatness and live out you’re your purpose for being. I love you and I know your true magnificient self. Heaven is available to you right here on earth. With great Love and Blessings- Angel Ariel

Therese Mc Auliffe