March 24, 2021

Have you ever contemplated this question? I am sure that like most of you, you too, have many times wondered who you really are and what human life is all about.

We are gifted and powerful beyond our human comprehension. We are, in essence, a being of light, capable of creating anything our heart truly desires.

Human cells store emotions, memories and feelings from all of our incarnations and if we do not release them and free up our energy bodies, we get clogged, miserable and unwell. Therefore, it is necessary for us to release the suppressed imprints and connect once again with our innate wisdom, light, power and love. This alignment can bring us into direct contact with our Divinity, with source itself.

We are suffering from a deep state of amnesia and largely live an illusionary life, fabricated by the minds of man. The density of the energy on earth has been shifting significantly since 2012. We have been leaving the 3D reality behind us and moving steadily into a 5D reality on the earth plane since then. We are now in a much higher, lighter vibration, whereby human evolution is easier for us.

Some humans are not willing to face their light yet, but many are awakening to their power and greatness, which will inevitably help many more to shift from lower states of consciousness to much higher states of being.

It is time for us to get still and listen to the sweet music of our soul, and look towards our inner light as it continues to dance its great dance with our many lurking shadows. As we give attention to increasing our light, we automatically reduce and dissipate our shadow self, thus becoming aware of more and more of our true magnificence.

As I sit here, putting pen to paper, in the sunlight, I am reminded of the ease to which we can safely journey inward. I have become aware that my inner chatter box has become silent as I listen to the sweetness of the birdsong on the trees overhead penetrating the stillness of the cool March air.

With practice and focused attention, it becomes easier and easier to lengthen these moments of inner stillness. This leads to an awakened understanding of self, offering inner peace and much wisdom. Awareness of the gentle rhythm of the breath as it enters and exits the mortal body offers an opportunity for gratitude and respect for the life force that sustains all of human life on earth.

I, myself, have chosen to walk a spiritual path, whereby I can navigate the journey towards wholeness and help others to do the same for themselves. I have dedicated my life to becoming spiritually mature and soul-wise. I shine my light so that you may see your path to your inner power, wisdom and love. I know that it is my purpose in life to help others find their source of joy, love and wholeness. It is with great reverence and respect that I help many people to elevate their state of consciousness, enabling them to manifest their desires.

I firmly believe that it is possible to integrate the thinking brain with the feeling heart, allowing the person the become whole and complete. The real you may appear when you master this task! Once you manage to integrate head and heart you become vibrant, compassionate, loving, connected, aligned and happy. At this point it becomes easy for you to ask your soul to flood you with love, light and healing wisdom. You too can become spiritually mature and soul wise, which enables you to shine your light to help others find their own way.

I have many offerings to help people gain clarity and to feel emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically healthier. Once we align to joy, love, peace and health in our internal world we notice that it also shows up in our external world. We attract what we are, so it is imperative that we focus on raising our personal vibrational frequency to live the life we want.

One of my latest offerings is a group healing session, online every Sunday night on Zoom, which is proving to have phenomenal results. The Angels requested that I offer this healing to help Relight the inner fire allowing the lower emotions and feelings to be burned off with the fire of your own inner divine light. More information can be found by clicking on the Book a Session Tab- Relight Your Fire.

Obviously, I also offer individual healing sessions, angel card readings, coaching sessions, training, workshops and more.

There is also a program called magnificient me that can be purchased and used at a time that suits you.

In Love and Light – Therese