February 24, 2021

Love Perfect love is the love we feel inside in that all knowing, all caring, kind encompassing self. When we talk about love we often confuse it with the love that is experienced between two people and forget about the great energy of untainted, pure love as an energy that supports all of life-force. Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy of the world. St Francis , in his famous prayer once said-“ Where there is hatred, let me sow love”, just imagine if most of the human population choose to act like this, what a wonderful planet we would create. That idea starts individually with each and every one of us. We are not separate from anyone or anything in this world; therefore by aligning our highest self with the energy of love, we inevitably send a ripple of powerful energy into the universe, which supports all living things. We are given the free-will to choose freely and by choosing love over all, we open ourselves up to living from extraordinary levels of consciousness. We have been trained and conditioned to live from ordinary levels of consciousness. What you have believed to be true as a result of training has got you to ordinary levels of consciousness but deep inside each one of us lives a spirit that is waiting to be expressed in its highest form. Love is all encompassing and all powerful, once you become it, it becomes you. Earth is really crammed with the Love of Heaven. Look at the oceans, the mountains, the lakes, the wild flowers, the birds, the bees, the wild animals, our pets, and pause for a moment to consider how all of this magnificent creation happened. For a moment consider that God is not an external subject and open to seeing God all around you, every day in everything. Open up your heart, free your spirit and feel the love of God within you, as you. Every creature has the potential to become a creator. Begin to live each day from a place of love, and fear will automatically fade into the past. When we take a candle into a darkened room the darkness disappears and the light makes everything clearer and brighter. Behind all the evils in the world is the pain of the wounded and disconnected heart. The French spiritual teacher Arnaud Desjardins once wrote “ There are no bad people in the world, only badly loved people”. When children feel unloved, rejected or abandoned they grow up with a deep open wound which frequently leads to much misery, pain and self-destructive behaviours, along with an inability to really love themselves or anyone else. Arrogance, self-centeredness and pride are all meek attempts to make one feel special as a way to compensate for lack of genuine self- love. If we all knew ourselves as truly loveable people the vibration of our planet would raise instantly and significantly. We really need to begin with loving the self. Each day remind yourself that you were created as a spirit that is pure love. Each time you find yourself having any unloving thoughts, make a u turn by simply reminding yourself of the fact that you are pure love at your core. Tap into that invisible, all knowing, all loving part of you and choose to live a God realised life. In the stillness connect with that spark of Divinity that lies within you and grow it until it becomes a burning flame of pure love. Allow the Divine to grow and grow until you realise that you are eternal love. Namaste- Therese