The path to peace

Tuesday with Archangel Michael


October 27, 2020

Tuesday with Archangel Michael.

On this Tuesday morning, Beloved Archangel Michael, I ask for your assistance in protecting my energy field with your magnificient light.

Please protect me from all lower energies throughout this day. Shield me from the energies of fear and destruction.

Cleanse my mind, my emotions and my body with your healing light, so that I may connect fully with the divinity within me. Fill me with faith, love and hope, so that I may walk in my power and also emanate my light to all those I meet today.

Thank you for assisting me now as you protect me with your shield of blue light, releasing all lower entities, clearing away all that no longer serves me well. Thank you, Beloved Archangel Michael, for showing me how to embody the highest vibrations of love, joy and peace.  Thank you for the feeling of safety and protection.  Thank you for helping me to align with your power of protection, light and love.

Thank you for blessing me with your love on this day. Thank you for always being by my side.

Therese Mc Auliffe