October 30, 2020

This is a beautiful angel card reading with guidance for November 2020 with Therese Mc Auliffe. A dynamic, yet bright month ahead, with the potential for many more people to awaken and feel the power that they hold. It is a month for much to be released and transmuted. The angels use the analogy of a mental cage door swinging opened during November, whereby we can more easily see the truth and trust ourselves to make informed choices. We have the opportunity to fly from the cage and set ourselves free from the prison of destructive thought forms. It is a time to step back into our light and embrace the higher vibrations. The energy of clarity will help us to manifest our hearts desires.A feeling of Peace and trust will be felt by many. We are asked to set a clear personal intention as we move into November. The energy of abundance is available to us, abundance of hope, clarity, trust, power and much more! Archangel Michael is waiting for you to call on him to release you from your fears and troubles and he is reminding you to continue to do your soul work!!!