September 17, 2020

The Wind in my hair.

This is a short blog that I wrote sitting by the sea in Castlegregory, Co Kerry last week.

What is it?

I can’t see it and yet it blows my hair across my face with great force!

I turn my head and this force blows my hair in the opposite direction, back off my face, to stretch out in mid-air behind me.

I can’t see it, yet I know it is there, moving my hair, the flowers, the leaves and even the sand on the beach.

I ponder and wonder: What else can’t I see or touch that I know to be? Some deep thoughts begin to stir inside of me!

I Breathe in, I Release, I Breathe in again ; I am interacting with this invisible force of air that today has become wind. I am conscious that without it I could not continue my human existence here on earth. A question floats into my mind: What part of me needs to become more conscious, more aware of the interdependence between the universe and I?

Time for reflection and inspiration as I consider my connection with the wind, the sun, the moon, the stars, the water, the earth with all of its inhabitants, plant life etc. My mind drifts as I sit in awe of the natural resources available to mankind. It is time to embrace, take care of, respect, enjoy and appreciate such incredibly amazing gifts.   

It is time to thank the abundant earth, the light-keepers, the angels, the guides, the elementals, the crystals and all that support the ongoing conscious evolution of our human experiences.

Let’s join together, raise our flags, rise in numbers to thank Mother Earth. Let’s contribute to the shift in the vibrational frequency of the earth and its inhabitants.

Let’s remember that “We Are The Force Of The Source”.

 Just like the wind we can be gentle, loving, kind, soft and productive or we can be overpowering and destructive. We have a choice. It is time for us all to wake up and flood our beautiful planet with love, light, respect, gratitude and reverence for all that is.

Thank you- Therese Mc Auliffe September 2020

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