September 7, 2020

Angelic Guidance for September 2020. At the beginning of each month I connect with the angels to bring through guidance for the month ahead.

We are rising in consciousness, all of the upheaval is Divinely guided, even though it may not seem like that from the onset.

Angel Ariel has stepped forth to assure us that it’s the perfect time to release all of the old energies, fear, beliefs, cords etc. Archangel Michael is in to help us to enlarge our auric field, so that we become magnets for more light to enter.

September 2020 is a guided by many angels, especially Angel Ariel, Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Jophiel. They are helping humanity to rise up and embrace their full magnificient selves. It is time to speak up and utilise our power. The energy of abundance is pouring into the planet, time to release vows of poverty and more. It is time to trust and co-create with the love of the universe. It is time to accept yourself, as the powerful being that you are, time to embrace your truth and purpose now.

We are also being asked to really look after the children on the earth.

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Thank you- Therese