August 5, 2020

Advanced IET

Dublin, August 23rd 2020

Healing Angels

Dublin, August 30th 2020

Basic IET

Co Wicklow, September 20th 2020

Learn to Read Angel Cards

Online, September 26th/27th

Advanced IET August 23rd – Dublin

Healing Angels August 30th- Dublin

Basic IET September 20th- Co Wicklow

Learn to Read Angel Cards- Online September 26/27th (11am-1pm both dates)

Healing Angels- Online for 9 weeks- Commencing on October 1st (8-9.30pm)

Master Instructor IET- Dublin- October 10th/11th

Weekly Intuitive Development- Online- Commencing October 14th (8-9.30pm)

Intermediate IET- Co Wicklow- October 18th

Advanced IET Co Wicklow- November 15th