August 1, 2020

This article on “Daily Self Care” is what the Angels offered me during a meditation.

1. Gratitude is the best way to set up and also to conclude your day. First thing each morning when you awaken spend a few moments giving thanks and just before sleep make a habit of being grateful for your precious life. When you practice gratitude before sleep you marinate in that vibration and wake up attracting more to you of what you are grateful for. The angels explained to me that once you raise your vibration by being grateful for all that you have in your life, you automatically attract more into your life to be grateful for.

2. Stretch your physical body each morning and allow yourself to feel all of your joints and muscles becoming flexible and free. They say that we can enjoy more of the endless supply of the abundant universe when we are flexible and free.

3. Drink adequate pure still water before a healthy organic breakfast. They explain that our physical body is the house where our soul resides. We have a responsibility to take great care of our body. Keep the physical body nourished with the best possible food, exercise, rest and fluids. 4. Become mindful of your thoughts and correct any thoughts that do not come from the highest part of you. They explain that our thoughts predict our point of attraction and that it is imperative that they are always high quality, positive and empowering. If you notice yourself having any disempowering thoughts, stop yourself at once and reverse those destructive thoughts. . As Lao –Tzu says: Once we correct the mind everything else falls into place.

5. Limit your need for validation each day until eventually you will no longer have the need for it. The angels say that this is possible by trusting in our magnificent self. Each time you become aware of your need for approval, simply breathe into your heart and fill yourself up from the store of peace, joy and love that is at all times available to you. By practicing this exercise you will automatically negate your need for the approval of others.

6. Breathe deeply into your heart centre with the intention of expanding your heart energy. The breath of intention is a healthy snack for the soul, so indulge as often as you can. Allow the breath to nourish you with peace, joy, love and lots of high vibrational energy and watch those lower emotions dissolve and dissipate.

7. Contribute to the happiness of others in your daily life. This may vary greatly from person to person or indeed from day to day but nevertheless it is a must for your own fulfillment in life. Contribution may come in the form of offering your gifs to the world by being a compassionate mother, a fair leader, an honest member of government, a banker, a nurse or any other profession where you feel you are offering the best of you! Reach out to others in a way that’s right for you and offer them the best that you can give.

8. Do your personal best in everything that you think, do and say and feel the joy of it. Feel the blessings that are being offered to you daily in all the simple things that life offers you.

9. Always treat yourself and others with the greatest respect. Avoid the temptation to judge, condemn or criticize yourself or anyone else. By starting with self-love you will open both your heart and your arms to become the support and the light to guide others onto their highest path of truth, beauty, glory and fulfillment. It is through unconditional love of the self always that you open up your soul to shine brightly. This light brightens up your thoughts, your words, your actions and consequently Your Life!

10. Affirm: I am perfect health I am aligned with the flow of the universe I am pure in spirit and mind I am happy, peaceful and loving I am gentle with myself and others I am strong and I am safe I am one with all I am grateful for my life I am love I am Light Divine I am free I am peaceful and I am contented.